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Age today : 79 years old
Nationality : Under unmik mandate (kosovo)
Age today : 45 years old
Nationality : Under unmik mandate (kosovo)
News Head Lines:
The development of Kosovo institutions and the transition of authority from UNMIK to local self-government
Kosovo – EULEX and status neutral customs
'All Of Kosovo' Under UN Mandate
Kosova: Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo should remain independent according to HRW
KOSOVO: EU Cornered by UN Jurisdiction – Part 2
‘Kosovanizing’ the Ombudsperson: Implications for Kosovo and Peacekeeping
US embassy cables: EU mission in Kosovo hobbled by Brussels politicking, says US
Linking Peace, Security and Durable Solutions in a Multi-Ethnic Society: The Case of Kosovo
Sources: UN to review UNMIK, EULEX
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