Kenya Missing Persons. Page 1
There are no records present for Kenya.
News Head Lines:
Italian woman kidnapped by gunmen along Kenya’s coast
Kenya Police: Italian National Kidnapped by Gunmen
Kenya MPs debate giving women a third of parliament seats
Gunmen kidnap Italian aid worker in Kenya
Kenya police say gunmen have kidnapped an Italian national and wounded five Kenyans near the coastal town of Malindi
Gunmen Who Abducted Italian Near Kenya Coast Seemed to Be of Somali Origin, Witness Says
Lack of Money, Status Prevent Refugees in Kenya From Getting Clean Energy
Gunmen in Kenya abduct Italian aid worker
'Somali' gunmen abduct Italian aid worker during shootout in Kenya
Gunmen kidnap Italian volunteer and shoot children near Kenya's coast
Gunmen kidnap volunteer, shoot children in Kenya
Gunmen kidnap Italian volunteer, shoot children near Kenya's coast
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