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Gambia's Adama Barrow sworn in as president as regional troops gather
Gambia: Yahya Jammeh gets a final deadline to step down
Gambia: Defeated President Yahya Jammeh faces military showdown
Gambia crisis: Everything you need to know about the battle to remove Yahya Jammeh
Troops Enter Gambia, as New President Is Sworn In
Gambia's Jammeh faces noon deadline to hand over power
The transfer of power to Gambia's president-elect isn't going well
More than 45,000 have fled The Gambia this month: UN
Gambia crisis: Jammeh given last chance to resign as troops close in
Gambia's Jammeh offered last chance for peaceful exit before troops advance
Troops enter the Gambia after Adama Barrow is inaugurated in Senegal
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