Algeria Missing Persons. Page 1
Age : 26 years old
Country : Algeria

Age : 40 years old
Country : Algeria

News Head Lines:
Algeria's air force chief fired amid military shake-up
Germany, Algeria to work more closely on deportations, Merkel says
Oscars: Algeria Selects 'Until the End of Time' for Foreign-Language Category
France just acknowledged using torture in Algeria. Here are searing photos from that war.
Algeria: Merkel in Algeria - Migration Likely to Influence Trade Talks
Algeria energy export volumes down 2.8 pct in first quarter -ministry
Algeria will take back its citizens illegally in Germany
How the French state was corrupted by its use of torture in Algeria conflict
Iranian oil minister will not attend OPEC meeting in Algeria
France's Macron admits system of torture during Algeria war
Algeria: Angela Merkel Praises Algerian Efforts to Repatriate Rejected Asylum-Seekers
Germany, Algeria to work more closely on deportations of asylum seekers, Merkel says
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